The smart way to switch to an electric car

Car subscription empowers you to move forward to a sustainable way of driving. Lets do it!

Why to go electric in 2022 with a CARIFY car subscription

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Save on fuel

Switching to electric may actually be good for your budget! Your only extra cost in a car subscription is charging or refueling your car - and comparisons show that charging an electric car is up to 30% cheaper than the fuel needed for an equivalent gasoline powered car.

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No car value loss

Let’s face it. The technologies behind electric cars are revolutionized with an incredible speed. With a car subscription you avoid carrying the loss in value of your electric car after two years already, due to the rapid developments.

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Risk-free testing

Flexibly test and experience one or different electric cars. Feel the incredible acceleration! A car subscription allows you to erase doubts about range and charging while not commiting to a specific car for several years.

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Easy switch to the new generation

The flexibility of our car subscription always allows you to easily switch to newer electric cars. Enjoy the increasingly better ranges and technological benefits without any advance payments or acquisition costs.

Get exclusive access to the electric charging network of evpass

How do I charge my car in a subscription?

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Everything thought of! We support you wherever we can when you switch to an electric car in a subscription. If you subscribe to an electric or plug-in hybrid car, you will receive a free charging card for the largest Swiss charging network - with it you can charge everywhere at exclusive reduced prices. Electric cars made easy!

Your way to save on charging

With a CARIFY car subscription you get a free "Explorer" membership to the evpass charging network worth 49 CHF and access to tens of thousands of stations in Switzerland and all over Europe at reduced rates.

  • Save 49 CHF

  • Save 10% on each charge

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If you subscribe for 6 months or more to a fully electric car, your first 80 CHF charging costs are on us. Your charging card will be automatically delivered with the credit. Enjoy the ride!

Get 80 CHF starting credit on your charging card

You benefit from a 10% lower rate at evpass charging stations. In addition, you don't pay the regular one-time charging fees of 1.50 CHF per charge (please note roaming rates and costs of other charging stations). Find the exact charging rates here.

Using a public charging network

Where can you charge your electric car?


How does charging with evpass work?


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What happens to your evpass at the end of your membership?


Who can you contact when you have problems or questions when charging with evpass?

Using a charging station at home or at work

How can you charge your electric car conveniently and low-priced at home?


How can you charge your electric car during work?


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Useful things to know around electric cars

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